Thursday, January 2, 2014

Long time no see!

Hello friends! I am happy to be writing once again, and to be sitting at my kitchen table while having the sun pour through my window, and to be drinking a cup of green tea (iced that is.) I am not sure where most of the time has gone because I see that my last post was from July. Well now it is Jan. 2. Of 2014. I guess you could say that my life took some turns. As you know, back in July I was in the process of moving to the one and only, Yuma, AZ. The time came for the packing, the goodbyes, and of course, the beginning of a new road to travel down. I am pleased to announce that road lead us to S. Sunup Ave. Doesn't the name just make you smile? It is quite sunny here on Sunup, and well in all of Yuma for that matter. So really, if you want to get away from that winter wonder called snow for a while, Yuma has plenty on sun to share with you. And also lots of lettuce. Yuma isn't called the "Winter vegetable capital of the U.S." for nothing!

                                When the sun goes down... :)

Life here certainly has not been boring. Many wonderful new friends have made the transition easier, and only being 3 hours, and 15 min from Redlands is quite convenient too. Oh and my kitchen. Yes, my kitchen. It is such a lovely kitchen! I have all room in the world to cook, and bake and create! I will post some recipes when I figure out how... :o
As for now, I hope you all have a very Happy New Year, and I will try post a few more times before 2015 ;)

P.S. If you are not sure why I put a pound sign by my picture, you should ask your high school neighbor what that means. Or my dad. After some explaining, he now knows. And maybe that wan't the best idea. #mydadloveshashtags

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  1. Welcome back! would love to see a photo of that kitchen!! Did you make any Banket for Christmas? Our boarder from this summer (the one that was interning at the American Club pastry kitchen, visited us this week bearing Tiramisu Cupcakes! YUM! (or should I say #yum)