Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome to our life!

So this is it. I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now, and finally I have time aside from schoolwork, drumline, drama, dance, cleaning, cooking, writing, reading,  printing, playing, and living. I can finally sit, and let you into our fabulous, blessed, and adventurous life. I am happy to say my family has been doing quite well, aside from the slight stress we feel from the move. Oh! You have not heard? Yes, in July we will be moving to Yuma, Az. If you have not been there, I will not be suprised. If you have not heard of it, I will not be surprised. It is a quint desert town of 90,000 half the year, and other half is filled with "snowbirds" so they call them. They come from the arctic winters of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Canada, and many more. In total, some 110,000 frozen folks who make their way to Yuma to thaw.

It will be an adventure of the sorts, to move away from the charming little Olive street I known all my life. However, I will still keep the name, Olive Street girls. Because that is what we will always be. Our lives were cultivated by the closeness of the neighbors around us. By the sweet little Olive Market visits more than once a week.

Our downtown was a walk away giving plenty of opportunity for fun times. We will never forget Olive street. But soon we will have a new street to call our own. New neighbors to meet. And places to eat. My motto right now comes from probably the cutest little girl ever. Her name is Ellie. Ellie is brilliantly imaginative, and wants to travel to Paradise falls with her best friend Carl Fredrickson. If you have not seen Disney's Up, then you are not understanding what I am talking about, and you need see that movie pronto, so that you can be inspired to tie balloons to your house and float away, like I was. Just kidding. But I was inspired by the quote Ellie said. She said, "Adventure is out there!" I have to agree and look forward to my many adventures awaiting me in Yuma. Please stay tuned for more postings about my life on Olive street. :) Thanks!