Thursday, January 2, 2014

Long time no see!

Hello friends! I am happy to be writing once again, and to be sitting at my kitchen table while having the sun pour through my window, and to be drinking a cup of green tea (iced that is.) I am not sure where most of the time has gone because I see that my last post was from July. Well now it is Jan. 2. Of 2014. I guess you could say that my life took some turns. As you know, back in July I was in the process of moving to the one and only, Yuma, AZ. The time came for the packing, the goodbyes, and of course, the beginning of a new road to travel down. I am pleased to announce that road lead us to S. Sunup Ave. Doesn't the name just make you smile? It is quite sunny here on Sunup, and well in all of Yuma for that matter. So really, if you want to get away from that winter wonder called snow for a while, Yuma has plenty on sun to share with you. And also lots of lettuce. Yuma isn't called the "Winter vegetable capital of the U.S." for nothing!

                                When the sun goes down... :)

Life here certainly has not been boring. Many wonderful new friends have made the transition easier, and only being 3 hours, and 15 min from Redlands is quite convenient too. Oh and my kitchen. Yes, my kitchen. It is such a lovely kitchen! I have all room in the world to cook, and bake and create! I will post some recipes when I figure out how... :o
As for now, I hope you all have a very Happy New Year, and I will try post a few more times before 2015 ;)

P.S. If you are not sure why I put a pound sign by my picture, you should ask your high school neighbor what that means. Or my dad. After some explaining, he now knows. And maybe that wan't the best idea. #mydadloveshashtags

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fourth of July

So it has been a while since I have updated my blog. Summer has gotten...well, busy? Is that an excuse during the summer? I mean, my life has been busy, just not with the stuff that I would be busy with during my normal life. Does that make sense? Anyway, my best friend flew down to visit from the ever-so-far-away state of Washington. She was here to help me celebrate one of my favorite holiday's... The Fourth of July! Yay! God bless America! Freeedom! Woo Hoo! ( I just love the Fourth). I feel blessed to live in a free country... and I absolutely love all the fun decorations, and food you can make on the Fourth! Meg and I had a ball decorating. 

A patriotic breakfast was also a must on the agenda. 

American flag french toast casserole. You can find the recipe here.

For the third year in a row, we held a bike parade. That is where you get your friends and family together, decorate your bikes patriotically, and ride around your town. (optional: ride to people's houses you know and give them cupcakes)
This year was the most people we have had; 6. Actually we had 9 members, if you count the dogs. It was still a blast.

     Red, white, and blue! We had to let Kipper join the festivities.                                              

  All the dogs wanted to come. However, we had to stop for a water break in the 106'F weather. 

The day ended with a party at our house, one last time. We bared the heat to play wiffle ball, then cooled off with water balloons. Then came my favorite part; dessert. Well, one of my favorites. I made cherry berry star shortcakes, and my neighbor Rachel has pretty much mastered the art of ice cream. So she made strawberry(red), peach vanilla(white), and boysenberry(blue) ice creams. Delish! The recipe for star shortcakes can be found here. With fire works at the country club, the night couldn't have ended better! 

Summer has begun!

Just got back from a fantastic trip to the windy city! If at all you get the chance, ever, to go to Chicago then you should go. It a wonderful place full of fun, and food, food, food. So much delicious food! Chicago pizza, Chicago hot dogs, Chicago popcorn... And so much more! I love it. A lot.

There it is. She is a beauty.
We found ourselves in the original Potbelly sandwich shop. These sandwiches are amazing.
 My dad says its all in the bread. 
Michigan strawberries fresh from the farmers market!  
My favorite restaurant to eat at while I'm there because there is none in Redlands. Please, somebody open a Noodle and Company in Redlands! You will not be sorry. There Mac n' cheese is no ordinary Kraft. 
Mia was a little happy to get popcorn from the Red Door Candy Store, perhaps the smallest candy store ever. It is the size of my closet. 

 Another thing I love a lot is Cookie Butter. I may be going off subject a little... but this is worth it. You may be a  bit skeptical about butter and cookies together, but Julia Child always said "you can never have too much butter!" Well, maybe Meryl Streep just said that in Julia and Julia, but I think that is quite true. Cookie butter is not actually butter. It is a spread that tastes like gingerbread and is good in just about anything. I have heard Golden Oreos especially. You find it at Trader Joes, however in order to get some you have to go right when the store opens (that is the case at my local Trader Joes). You just need to get your hands on some of this gold by any means possible! Even if it means buying it for $12.00 on Ebay. Yes, that is how desperate some people are. This is what it looks like. It is by all the peanut butters. I wish you the best of luck finding some, and goodluck not eating the whole jar in one sitting.
Nom nom nom nom nom.  :D

Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome to our life!

So this is it. I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now, and finally I have time aside from schoolwork, drumline, drama, dance, cleaning, cooking, writing, reading,  printing, playing, and living. I can finally sit, and let you into our fabulous, blessed, and adventurous life. I am happy to say my family has been doing quite well, aside from the slight stress we feel from the move. Oh! You have not heard? Yes, in July we will be moving to Yuma, Az. If you have not been there, I will not be suprised. If you have not heard of it, I will not be surprised. It is a quint desert town of 90,000 half the year, and other half is filled with "snowbirds" so they call them. They come from the arctic winters of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Canada, and many more. In total, some 110,000 frozen folks who make their way to Yuma to thaw.

It will be an adventure of the sorts, to move away from the charming little Olive street I known all my life. However, I will still keep the name, Olive Street girls. Because that is what we will always be. Our lives were cultivated by the closeness of the neighbors around us. By the sweet little Olive Market visits more than once a week.

Our downtown was a walk away giving plenty of opportunity for fun times. We will never forget Olive street. But soon we will have a new street to call our own. New neighbors to meet. And places to eat. My motto right now comes from probably the cutest little girl ever. Her name is Ellie. Ellie is brilliantly imaginative, and wants to travel to Paradise falls with her best friend Carl Fredrickson. If you have not seen Disney's Up, then you are not understanding what I am talking about, and you need see that movie pronto, so that you can be inspired to tie balloons to your house and float away, like I was. Just kidding. But I was inspired by the quote Ellie said. She said, "Adventure is out there!" I have to agree and look forward to my many adventures awaiting me in Yuma. Please stay tuned for more postings about my life on Olive street. :) Thanks!