Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer has begun!

Just got back from a fantastic trip to the windy city! If at all you get the chance, ever, to go to Chicago then you should go. It a wonderful place full of fun, and food, food, food. So much delicious food! Chicago pizza, Chicago hot dogs, Chicago popcorn... And so much more! I love it. A lot.

There it is. She is a beauty.
We found ourselves in the original Potbelly sandwich shop. These sandwiches are amazing.
 My dad says its all in the bread. 
Michigan strawberries fresh from the farmers market!  
My favorite restaurant to eat at while I'm there because there is none in Redlands. Please, somebody open a Noodle and Company in Redlands! You will not be sorry. There Mac n' cheese is no ordinary Kraft. 
Mia was a little happy to get popcorn from the Red Door Candy Store, perhaps the smallest candy store ever. It is the size of my closet. 

 Another thing I love a lot is Cookie Butter. I may be going off subject a little... but this is worth it. You may be a  bit skeptical about butter and cookies together, but Julia Child always said "you can never have too much butter!" Well, maybe Meryl Streep just said that in Julia and Julia, but I think that is quite true. Cookie butter is not actually butter. It is a spread that tastes like gingerbread and is good in just about anything. I have heard Golden Oreos especially. You find it at Trader Joes, however in order to get some you have to go right when the store opens (that is the case at my local Trader Joes). You just need to get your hands on some of this gold by any means possible! Even if it means buying it for $12.00 on Ebay. Yes, that is how desperate some people are. This is what it looks like. It is by all the peanut butters. I wish you the best of luck finding some, and goodluck not eating the whole jar in one sitting.
Nom nom nom nom nom.  :D


  1. Soon to be the Sunup girls? This is wonderful. Hope to hear more and get some recipes. As long as they are Vegan.xoxo Lou Ann

  2. Oh, I saw a jar of that at Grandma's. Is is Dutch? I actually have some of the speculoos spice that Jodi sent to me so I could make authentic tasting windmill cookies. Is that what this stuff tastes like? I think I would like it and I think you could probably take any of the Pinterest recipes that use nutella and substitute this for absolute deliciousness!

  3. We bought grandma some while we were visiting! It is not dutch, but it is delicious. I think that the windmill cookies would be a god comparison to it. You should try to make some. :)